Ronaldo's Emotional last Words to all Real Madrid Fans and Supporters

It's finally Official! Ronaldo has made the breathtaking and shocking switch to Italian Giants, Juventus, from Real Madrid. This move was confirmed by the two clubs on Tuesday evening. This has been the topic on every football fan's lips for quite a while now, but it has finally been finalized. And since then, it has been generating distinguished reviews from everyone.

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Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid after a nine-year spell with them, which was hugely successful. Together, they won a staggering 15 trophies, including four champions League titles, two La Liga crowns, three club world cups, three super cups, one supacopa de Espana, and two copa del reys.

 Ronaldo also won an astonishing number of individual accolades, including four ballon d'ors, four golden boots in Europe  (having been the top in the Champions League for four different seasons), and a number of golden boots in La Liga.


 He also became a huge fan favorite at Real Madrid, after he scored an astonishing 450 goals in little over 428 appearances. That's a whopping return in a nine-year spell.
Ronaldo was really a legend in Real, and carved out a huge name for himself.


After it was confirmed Ronaldo was leaving Real Madrid for Juve, he released an emotional statement to all Madrid fans and supporters. Here it is:

"These years at Real Madrid, and in this city of Madrid, have been possibly the happiest of my life," the 33-year-old said.
"I only have feelings of enormous gratitude for this club, for this sport and for this city. I can only thank all of them for the love and affection I have received.
"However, I believe that the time has come to open a new stage in my life and that is why I have asked the club to accept transferring me. I feel that way and I ask everyone, and especially our followers, to please understand me.
"They have been absolutely wonderful for nine years. They have been nine unique years. It has been an exciting time for me, but also hard because Real Madrid is very demanding, but I know very well that I will never forget that I have enjoyed football here in a unique way.
"I have had fabulous team-mates on the field and in the dressing room, I have felt the warmth of an incredible crowd and together we have won three Champions Leagues in a row - and four in five years.
"Real Madrid has conquered my heart, and that of my family, and that is why more than ever I want to say thank you: thanks to the club, the president, the directors, my colleagues, all the technicians, doctors, physios and incredible workers that make everything work and that are pending every detail tirelessly.
"Thank you infinitely once more to our fans, and thanks also to Spanish football. During these nine exciting years I have had great players in front of me. My respect and my recognition to all of them."

Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, who played many games with Ronaldo, also had this to say to him:

"Cristiano, your goals, your numbers and everything we've won together speak for themselves," Ramos wrote on Twitter.
"You have earned a special place in the history of Real Madrid. As Madridistas we'll remember you always.

Ronaldo will always be fondly remembered by everyone at Real Madrid, no doubt about that. He saved them times without number.

What do you have to say about Ronaldo's transfer? How do you feel about it?

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The Purpose Of Dressing

The Purpose of Dressing The debate on how to dress has gone on for many generations, and will still continue, maybe till the end of time. But, to fully understand how to dress, one must understand why we are even putting this material, called a dress. Many are oblivious as to why we dress, and if they even have an idea, they are not convinced.

 Let us establish that there are types of dressing; wrong and right. Their contrasting definitions will be discussed better as we go on in this discourse, but let's give simple definition to them before we continue. Right dressing can be defined as a dressing in which the primary purpose of dressing is adhered to, whereas wrong dressing is a dressing in which the primary purpose of dressing is violated or not adhered to.

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The single purpose of dressing is found in the Scriptures: Genesis 3:21, after man had disobeyed God, and was to be sent out of the Garden of Eden, God made clothes for them to cover their nakedness. Their singular act of disobedience; eating the forbidden fruit; made them come to a realization, which they were oblivious to: They were naked. This was the same reason why they hid on these realization.


 In essence, we should note that the primary purpose for putting anything that can be considered as clothing on one's body is to cover nakedness. It is then disappointing to see that this primary purpose of dressing is violated. Now, there are other purposes of dressing to be discussed later, but as simple as covering of one's nakedness should not be so difficult to do as seen in the world today, God was aware that as they had come to this realization that they were naked, it is only right to cover what should not be seen by others, but should rather be considered a personal belonging, hence it was not to be exposed. He then killed an animal, and made a clothing out of its hide, to solely achieve the purpose of clothing them.

God was obviously not foolish when he did all these, even after he was disobeyed, he still took out time to make this clothing, what for? To achieve the sole purpose of dressing, covering of parts that are not to be exposed. But, the society has lost this moral ground of dressing today, as raunchy dressing is now the order of the day. People going almost unclad, just to please some certain set of people, who don't even deserve their attention. Humans are gregarious beings alright, but it should not be an excuse to flaunt unacceptable behavior. It's even more disappointing, that they seek attention and praises, from people who don't matter. People dropping clothes and wearing clothing that should never be considered as clothes, but maybe towels or rags, cause it barely covers nothing, for what? To get social appraisal and approval. To get above 150 likes on Instagram and twitter, to what end exactly? This is the reason, the good name of Social media is tainted, as this is the platform they use to perpetuate their foolish acts. Is it not foolish that someone will totally unclad, and cover her nipples all in the name of photoshoot, and to her she is not totally naked.

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 This societal madness and moral decadence all began when the society lost its sincerity. We've even addressed dressing in its other forms, but it's just necessary that we understand this primary purpose of dressing. It's okay that when we dress, people praise and make pleasing remarks on the beauty of our dressing, but we should never make this top priority. How hard can it be that when a lady dresses, she covers all exposures of cleavages as much as possible. All those parts could be well covered, and she'll still get the praise she and her dressing deserves. We need to understand that, those parts needed to be covered, are meant to be covered.. And, we're all aware of those parts, if the leg were among it would need to be covered too. So it's absolutely wrong when a person dresses like a dog's dinner, not putting these parts into consideration, and doing the needful by exposing them like is needed, and treat the parts meant to be covered as 'the leg'.

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It's now even more rampaging, when people keep pushing this movement that dressing need not be addressed as much as it is being addressed, and restrain be taught to men to keep them from being tempted by shabby dressing. It's only unwise if not wicked to tempt men like this and expect them not to fall. Even Joseph, one of the men with the best resistance to temptation had to flee the scene of temptation to avoid falling.


An earphone seller said something to a buyer who wanted to buy earphones, and as he sampled the merchandise he wanted to buy he noticed all were faulty and he asked the woman why when he tried to check for faults by stretching the wire or the sort, he found such fault. The women replied with a very wise saying, "If I push you now, will you fall?". This is only expressing that if you push anyone to temptation, the person most likely will fall, so why push the person having this in mind? It then makes no sense, that restrain is taught when temptation is right in front of the person to be tempted, and then you expect such teaching to be prolific. It can't be! What should be preached should be better and exposed dressing, and not restraint on the part of men.

 We should  also note, that right dressing should not be restricted to only women, but both men and women. God clothed both Adam and Eve, not only Eve. This underscores the fact that, men can also dress wrongly. How exactly do men dress wrongly? In men, there are parts that are also considered unnecessary to be covered, but still need to be covered. Take for instance, the trend of going shirtless to take pictures or even attend public events, whether one has all the complete set of abs or even flaunts potbelly, which is vogue now, a man should never go shirtless. We may be unaware, but such things bother some certain people, most especially the opposite sex, but they keep quiet to avoid being shunned. It is very essential to dress right, as it gives one confidence more proficient than any drug or alcohol  we can think of. When we begin to dress right, a lot of things begin to fall in their right places. Let's dress right, it's essential if not key.

                     Article By:
                         Samuel Obasi-Eze 

Who The Heck Invented Examination Into Education System?! See Him.

Education is undoubtedly one of the best things one would ever acquire in this world currently. Education enhances your Personality, improves your intellectual knowledge, gives you an invaluable exposure to life, makes you versatile and flexible in your lifestyle, increases your chances of securing a good job to aid your financial status, etc. To make it short, education totally improves you as a person

And also, School is really fun, starting from your primary to your secondary level, even though you might not have realized it. But, how did you feel when you were leaving your primary or secondary school? You felt bad, right?. You were going to miss all your best friends. And the only time you realize that is at the moment when you're finishing up your primary or secondary school level.

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I was almost reduced to tears when I was leaving both primary and secondary school levels. I realized I was going to miss everything about it. The boarding school, all the good friends I was rolling with, and even some of the teachers that liked me.

But among all the education levels, the best is the tertiary level (University education). Life in the University is one of the most enjoyable things you could ever experience in your life, trust me.


 Now, check it out. You would leave your parents and family, and go to a certain place, known as the University, and stay for months without being under them. No one to regulate your movement, no one to tell you when, where, and how to do anything you want and when to do it, freedom to do anything you want, when you want it, and how you want it  being able to visit anybody you want, and when you want it, being able to sleep anytime you wish to, and to any extent, having the liberty to attend any party at any time, not being bothered by too many house chores, having your own authority, and so on.

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You might be saying you don't enjoy it, maybe due to hunger or being broke at times, but you only realize that when the school is on holiday. Boredom would creep in and frustrate your life, and you'd start missing your plethora of friends, and wishing to see them soon enough. Indeed, University life is really exciting.

But, one thing totally spoilt school fun and schooling, and that is EXAMINATION!!!!. This is one aspect of schooling that so many students find trying and tiring. Examination gives many students headache, especially those in the University.


 So many students go through some gruelling exercises, just to pass exams. Students attend Night classes, do extensive reading, when Examinations come up. But the hardest of them all is the night class. You will see students studying all night, just to be able to pass exams. People like me would then start dozing and shaking their heads all in the name of reading to pass exams. Examination is really something else.

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But the question now is, Who the heck invented this Examination? And what was he thinking?


Henry Fischel 
The man that introduced Examination Into Education was Henry Fischel, an American psychotherapist. He spoilt the joy of our lives.

Now, his main aim was for schools to be able to determine how good students are, and also to make students serious. Examination was also introduced so as to be able to select some candidates for certain positions and jobs in serving the government.

The Examination was then adopted in all parts of the world, as all of them deemed Henry Fischel's idea good and sound. The Examination gives lecturers and teachers the medium to test their students.

Now, How do you feel about this man? Do you like his idea? What word do you have for him?

You can drop your comments through the comments section below.

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A Student Of Unizik Dies of Motorbike Accident

A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Unizik, in the department of Political science, has reportedly died in Motorbike Accident. He was named Njoku Tochukwu, AKA T boy, and was in 200 level in political science before the occurrence of his death.

His untimely tragic death occurred on the 27th day of June 2018, after he was reported to have boarded a Bike. The bike was then involved in a fatal accident, with the guy dying, after several efforts had been made to save his life.

His death has left a sour taste in the mouths of all the students of political science department, and also put the entire Nnamdi Azikiwe University into mourning, as they have lost a bright student, regarded by many as a rare gem.

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The entire department of political science in Unizik reacted to his death by declaring today a day for everyone in the department to put on black outfits. This is in a bid to pay their respects to the deceased. This is a huge show of bond and unity among the students.

This guy will be solely missed by his peers, due to how kind he was, as reported by a student close to him.

What more can we say to his family than a very huge sorry to them for this huge loss. It's never easy to lose a son, especially a bright one.

Goodbye T boy... The whole of Unizik are going to miss you much.

Things You Should Try Out Before 2018 Runs Out

We're Midway into the year 2018 already. In little over six months from now, we'll surely be getting into another year. And given how fast this year has run up until now, before you blink an eye, next year will be upon us.

These days are seemingly moving faster than ever before, and that is certainly going to give you a little time than you ever wish for.
Considering this, if you have targets for this year and have been procrastinating all along, now is surely the time for you to step up and meets your targets. And if you have not set any goals or targets for yourself this year, you should do so now, all for your very own good. Don't wait for tomorrow, next week, or next month to set your targets, do them today.

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And also, if there are certain things you have been doing wrongly till now, now is the time for you to change it for the better. If there are also certain important things you know you have to do, and you have not done them till now, this time of the year is the best time for you to do it.

You really need to give your life a purpose now, because living without purpose is like driving a car blindfolded, and you'll certainly crash at some point. Now is the right time for you to get on the right track. There are certainly many distractions, some of which you necessarily must avoid.
Now, below are things you should do this year.


1 -  Determine whatever you're passionate about, and pursue a career in it. It could be in writing, dancing, singing, joking, make-up artistry, fashion, etc. Start it now, and you won't regret it

2 - Evaluate and examine all the friends you have, and get rid of those who bring you down, uninspiring you, or belittling you.

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3 - Simplify your lifestyle. Don't get too obsessed or attached with material things.

4 - Try quitting any bad habit you have now, because it might affect you later.

5 - Get your health in order. If you have any ailments, treat them now. Mostly infections or diseases you contracted from somewhere, especially for girls. It could make you barren, if not treated properly.

6 - If there is anything bad you're doing now that could jeopardize your life, quit it now. This could be smoking, unprotected sex, over drinking, robbery, lying, etc.

7 - Start utilizing your talents to great effect. Develop your talents. It might be drawing, playing football, singing, or other things.

8 - Anything you really know how to do, stop doing them for free now. Start earning through it.

9 - Learn now to accept your mistakes. Not accepting your mistakes could tarnish your reputation and image.

10 - Accept yourself now completely, and make changes where you see fit.

11 - Stop bearing Grudges now. Bearing Grudges is like stabbing yourself and expecting others to get hurt.

12 - Start learning how to accommodate others, because you surely don't know where you would find yourself tomorrow.

13 - Save some of your money and travel out. Explore other places, you could get opportunities there.

14 - Stop taking people for granted, it surely hurts them. And when you hurt somebody, you have a tendency of getting hurt by another person.

15 - Stop taking advantage of people just because of there situation, it might affect you in the future.

16 - Start keeping your belongings and stuffs clean and secure, diseases and infections are all over everywhere.

17 - Make it easy for people to approach you. Who knows, your messiah might walk into your life someday.

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18 - Don't go a day without sowing a fruitful seed.

19 - Don't go a day without doing that one thing you're passionate about.

20 - Stop comparing yourself to others, it will greatly hurt you and totally drive happiness away from you. Be your own self.

21 - Stop worrying. Worrying won't solve any problem for you. Rather, it'll make the situation worse, and prevent you from being happy.

22 - Go for a health checkup now, it is very vital.

23 - Decide one day and host your good friends. They'd never forget you if you ever do that.

24 - Reduce your spending on fancy things, like shoes, clothes, jewelries, etc. Save it for other important things.

25 - Embrace love, and happiness will be all yours.

26 - Once in a while, take out some time and arrange your things in order. If you do this, you'll really discover what you truly have and what you're lacking.

27 - Learn to use your brain effectively now.

28 - Love your family more than anything else. Your family is your resting place, so don't mess with it.

29 - Be a man of your word from today onwards. Through this, you'd gain respect and trust from people around you.

30 - Get a hobby, maybe watching football, playing game, reading, writing, chatting, etc. Your hobby will serve to get you out of bad mood.

31- Start treating your partner well.

32 - Set principles for yourself, and live by them.

33 - Stop disappointing your friends and others. Be true to your word.

34 - If you have a skill in anything, don't let it go to waste.

35 - Go online and pursue any online career, like Blogging, YouTube videos, Instagram Marketing, etc.

Try out these few things this year, and success will be yours.

You can drop your comments through the comments section below.

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Check Out These Upcoming Talented Dancers

Over the years, dancing has been a major entertaining part of any show or event. And Nigeria has never disappointed in producing top dancing talents, with many Nigerian individuals brimming with confidence, potentials, and talents in Dancing.

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But not many can be compared to these incredibly talented young Dancing Crew, with huge potentials of being world-class soon in their career.

This Crew is made up of four young wonderful dancers, who have been hugely blessed with some exciting and brain-bursting dancing skills and moves.

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The Crew not only performs ordinary dances, they also dance to the beats and lyrics of any song they are faced with.
Watch the short video below to see some of their exciting dance steps in full display

And an outstanding attribute of this crew is that dancing is purely their talents, passions, and hobbies, they really do it for the joy of brings. And that is why these handsome and young dancers cannot be compared to their counterparts.

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Now, this Crew offer services, such as: Performing in Music Videos, Shows, and other events, like Birthday parties, etc.

So, instead of going for the already established dancing crews, who mostly charge exorbitant fees, you can do so well for your Music Video or Show  by contacting this talented young Crew to give you exactly what you want.
Making your Music Videos and Shows quite enjoyable with their exciting dance steps is their main aim, and they are really affordable.

You can duly contact this crew through these media below:

WhatsApp/Call - 0902 482 2654

Instagram - @jcm-kendrix

Facebook - Kaycee Kendrix.

You can also visit their YouTube channel, to see more exciting videos of them, through the link below:

YouTube channel 


Realism, Not Pessimism

Before we go on, it would be best we have a better understanding of the two constrasting terms. Realism, according to Oxford Dictionary is the attitude of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with the situation accordingly. This means that we see life as it, good or bad, partial or impartial, depending on the situation, and we deal with it accordingly to either change the situation or accept it as fate. Now, this should never be confused with Pessimism, reasons shall be seen in subsequent paragraphs. To thoroughly understand Realism, we also have to define Idealism. Idealism is defined according to the Oxford Dictionary as the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection. This explains that Idealism not only seeks attainment of perfection, which is pragmatically impossible, but is also unrealistic. Idealism has synonyms as; Utopianism, Daydreaming, wishful thinking, and so on, which point to the fact that they don't refer to reality.

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In philosophy, lies a better understanding as the two terms are rooted in philosophy. The theory of idealism states that our reality is shaped on foundation of our thoughts and ideas, however, the theory of realism states that our reality is existent independently from our consciousness, thoughts and idea.
  In summary, Idealism seeks to explain that our reality tends to be what we want or fantasize it to be, while Realism seeks to explain that our reality exists independently on our desires and idea. In other words, idealism relates to what we desire and fantasize about, while realism is related to our actions that make out reality. In layman perspective, the two concepts can be viewed as, idealism focusing on 'what we want it to be' and realism focusing on 'what actually exists'. In practicality, idealists are often positive thinkers, viewing life as being full of hope, and realists tend to be neutral; neither optimists nor pessimists; but rather look at life in relation to the cliché, "hope for the best, but expect the worst".

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Pessimism, according to the Oxford Dictionary can be defined as, the tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. This definition, I believe is self explanatory, but for better comprehension, we can therefore define pessimism as having a negative view to life, always expecting the worst to happen. Its antonym, Optimism, according to the Oxford Dictionary is defined as, hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something. We see from this definition of Optimism that optimists have a positive view to life. A popular example to better explain these two concepts is the state of the nation, Nigeria. The popular saying that Nigeria can never get better only shows the pessimistic view of most Nigerians to the development of Nigeria as a nation. An optimist in the situation, however, views nothing as totally impossible, and still has faith in Nigerian becoming better one day. As stated earlier, pessimism should never be confused with Realism. Though, realists view a situation mostly less hopefully as to when compared to optimists, they never regard a situation as totally hopeless as seen in the case of pessimists. The Realist almost never views life as postive or negative, but rather is rational in thinking, making pragmatic choices, rather than pessimists who view the situation negatively. Using the example of state of Nigeria and its possible development, a realist will never totally condemn the nation though things may seem bad, but they think of ways to make it better in a rational manner.

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 However, pessimists as metioned earlier, say "things can never get better", even without looking it the states of things and potential of Nigeria, and working towards improving it. Basically, it's better to be realistic in situations than being pessimitic. Researchers have found that being pessimistic to life makes one less persitent, as when things go bad, they tend to give up, but realists tend to be more persistent judging things from both negative and positive points of view. Realists tend to weigh the options, check the odds before making decisions, this reduces the level of risk they take. However, in some cases this may seem like a wrong idea, but most often than not it seems to work out, as they take a neutral position to life.

Psychologically, it's better to realistic to life than being pessimistic or optimistic, as pessimism makes one give up easily when things go bad,and being optimistic makes one to be set unattainable goals, but rationality in realism makes one to set achievable goals, and most often than not, achieve them. Hence, being a realist is much more healthy and helps one to be goal oriented, and with much success with this view, it improves one psychologically.


                                                    Written By:
                                               Samuel Obasi-eze

Unizik's Departmental Nights Activity Finally Kicks Off In Full Flow

The Departmental and Faculty Nights have finally kicked off in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The eagerly anticipated event kicked off on 8th of June, 2018, with the Faculty of Engineering kick-starting the huge activity.

The Departmental and Faculty Nights Activity is one of the most eagerly anticipated and mostly celebrated event in Unizik, Awka. This event serves to bring students in same Department/Faculty together, with so many exciting displays being showcased to entertain all the students in attendance.

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Such displays include competition for the Mr & Miss honors for that Department or Faculty.  About seven year one students interested are nominated as contestants to contest for the honours of being the Mr & Miss of the Department. These nominated contestants engage in a highly competitive, entertaining, and often gruelling battles for supremacy in Fashion Parade, Dancing, and a Freestyle of their choice.
And at the end of the event, when the winners are finally announced, they are given the huge honor of being the Faces of the Department/Faculty.

Other entertaining displays that are  showcased in the Departmental/Faculty Nights include; Performances from many upcoming artistes in the department or other invited artistes, dancing competition, several comedians are called upon to lighten up the mood of all the attendees by cracking jokes, sharing of experiences, and many other fascinating displays.

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And when all these aforementioned displays are concluded, all the students in attendance are given an opportunity to enter the dance floor and dance till they're tired of doing so. This is the part that excites all the students the most, especially me. Here, everybody gets the chance to rock and club their heads out.
During this period, the organizers of the events are urged to put the lights out, to make the atmosphere party like. And that is when enjoyment and partying will step in in full flow. That is when you'll see guys running around looking for spaces to dance their selves to stupor, and anybody there who's not sharp enough and tries to dull, he/she would be duly pushed aside. This is always hot.

But the hottest of them all is the SUG and Bonfire Nights, where fireworks are set off in the build up to the event. This is where the hugely contested post of Mr & Miss Unizik title takes place. Many other highly entertaining displays also take place, with many celebrities also being invited to thrill attendees.

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These events are really exciting to behold, especially for all year one students who just came into the University. No year one or year two student would ever want to miss this exciting event, this was also the case for me.

This is one of the main activities that makes school life really enjoyable. If you have never attended this event before, and you attend it now, especially for year one students, you would surely find yourself wishing for the night never to pass out. I did that when I first attended this event. I was very sad at daybreak.

This event normally starts at 10pm, and lasts till 6am. At 6am or so, you would see lots of students trooping out in numbers back to their hostels or lodges. Many people, like me, also go there and sleep their heads out.

 The Venues for these events are determined by its organizers from different Departments and Faculties.  They are mostly held in hotels. Some others hold in certain big lecture halls or Garba Square, inside school.

So, as this session's Departmental/Faculty Nights have commenced, you can get the dates and venues for any department's night from students in that department.

If you're studying in Unizik, and you have never attended a Departmental/Faculty Night before, you're really missing a lot, trust me.

Now, If you're in Unizik, and you have ascertained the date and venue for your Departmental/Faculty Night, kindly drop it here in the comments section below, to alert others. Don't fail to do so.

I'm quite sure that this year's Departmental/Faculty Nights will be very hot and entertaining, like in previous years. So, 100 level students seeing this post, I'm very sure you would never want to miss out on this huge opportunity for you to experience another type of school life.

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Vibez Finally Drops His Hit Track - - Belinda.. Download it here

Highly promising upcoming artiste, Vibez Aka Maestro, has finally dropped down his eagerly anticipated Hit Track - Belinda. The release of the Hit Track had been up in the air for quite some time now, and it now has finally been released.

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Vibez has finally dropped his Hit Single Track - Belinda. The highly anticipated song was released on Wednesday, 30th May, 2018. And the track has really exceeded expectations in living up to its billing. This hit song is quite sensational, and has been going Viral since its release.
You can duly download the song through the link below.

Download Vibez - Belinda.

There's no doubt that Vibez is a highly talented upcoming artiste, and if this hit track is anything to go by, it's only a matter of time before he reaches the very top.

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This song is really a real hit, and is quite unmissable. Don't miss out on downloading and listening to this song, it's really a thing to behold. If you fail to listen to this song, be aware you're missing out on something good

And after listening to this song, don't fail to come back here to drop your feedback, which would certainly help. Or, you can join our WhatsApp group through the link below, to drop your feedback.

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What To Do When You're Being Robbed at Gunpoint

This is Nigeria. The rate of crime in the country has increased greatly, more than the economy. Our country now is filled up with individuals who are unemployed, of which many have become quite desperate to get money, thereby resorting to doing some bad things as a means of getting money.

So, Armed Robbery has become one of the biggest problems we're facing around us these days. Many people are being robbed today, and at gunpoint. I've been lucky enough not to have been robbed like that, but many of my friends have faced it, and shared the ordeal with me.
This is certainly one of the worst situations you'd ever find yourself in.

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Getting held up at Gunpoint is a very terrifying thought. Even though you would not want to even think about the possibility of that happening to you, I suggest you should, because it happens more frequently than you think. And it is kind of inevitable  given the rate of crime our country, Nigeria, you don't know when it might happen to you. Many people have recently been robbed like that without them ever planning for that.

So, it would be wise of you if you were aware of such experience and be prepared for it, just in case it ever happens to you in the future, because you certainly don't know where you'd find yourself tomorrow.

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What To Do When You Get Held Up At Gunpoint 

1 - Stay Safe, And Try Keeping Yourself Out Of The Situation 

As we all know, prevention is quite better than cure. When you get held up at gunpoint, it might just be because you're at a wrong place and at the wrong time, and there was nothing you could probably do to avoid that. Being at the wrong place and at the wrong time is one of the main reasons why people are robbed today. That being said, you should try and avoid that.

You should do these things below:

- Avoid being in isolated places at night, or even in daylights. These robbing boys don't give a damn now,

- Don't always your phone or Jewelries, especially when you'll go through isolated places,

-Avoid walking alone at night.
These will certainly help you stay safe. I never go out with my phone in my hand, and that is what you should learn too.

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2 - Try And Stay Calm & Composed

    This is the best thing you should do when you're faced with this problem. It might be difficult to do so, but you should try.
Staying calm and composed will make the criminal(s) do what they want quickly, and leave you alone. If you start panicking and shivering, they would try to calm you down, which might push them into doing something really dangerous to you, like hitting your head with the gun, or giving you dirty slaps severally.
A good friend of mine who was recently robbed at gunpoint, narrated how she panicked and was hit hard with the gun. She was severely injured and still had her purse taken along with her phone.

Also, staying calm will help you think straight and find a better solution. The worst thing you would do is getting angry, confident, or trying to fight back. That is when you would get shot.

3 - Comply And Give Them Whatever They Would Want 

Certainly, you know what they would want is to take what you have. So, it is best you put your hands up and let them take what you might have. You would be stupid to start defending your property. Getting away with your life should be your main priority.
If you lose your property, like your phone, money, or jewelry, you might well get another one soon.
But you only have one life, and it's not a bargaining chip. When it's lost, you're gone for good. You should do well to cooperate.

4 - Look Into Their Eyes 

Yes, you should do this. If they look you in the eyes, they would know whether you have a life to live or not. If you would think it's necessary  try mentioning your family members. Like me, I would tell them that my mum would die if they killed me. You should also do that, it might mellow their hearts.
But, stay calm and cooperate.

Do all these, and your safety would be guaranteed.

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All The Trends We've Faced So Far in 2018 in Nigeria

Sex Doll 

Trends are what we face everyday, especially in our country, Nigeria, where so many unspeakable things happen every now and then. In Nigeria, we have undoubtedly become accustomed to seeing some Exciting and at times, strange things happen, and this is down to the fact that Nigeria is a country that possesses a large number of influential, wealthy, and controversial individuals and leaders.

Nigeria is also filled up with individuals who are always on hand and ready to receive the news of any happening in the country, and carry them about. These individuals carry these news about until it becomes the talk of the town, and eventually turns into a trend. This has become part of our lives as Nigerians.

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New Trends come out every time in a calendar year in Nigeria, and this year, 2018, has been no different. We've been faced with quite so many trends this year. This year's Trends have been massive, and have been coming out every month. No new month has passed without a new Trend Popping Up.

In case you have missed out on any Trend this year, I'll update you now. Below is a list of all the Trends We've Faced this year.


1 - JANUARY >>>SEX DOLL <<<<

Sex Doll

The news of a newly developed tool, called the Sex Doll, broke into Nigeria in early 2018. This news circulated all over Nigeria. The talk on everyone's lips, most Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp posts in the month of January was mainly centered around Sex Doll. The news of the Sex Doll totally dominated Nigeria in January. But soon, it phased out as another one landed.

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2 - FEBRUARY  >>>SNAKE AND MONKEY MADE AWAY WITH #36 million and #70 million RESPECTIVELY<<<

Soon after the Sex Doll Trend phased out, we all received another shocking and hilarious news that a mysterious Snake found its way into the JAMB office and and swallowed some #36,000,000 in their vault. Not quite long after that, another funnier news emerged that a monkey got into the senators' farm and made away with a whopping #70,000,000.
How would one monkey do that? This became the talk on everyone's lips throughout February, until another trend landed.


Nigerians so much love entertainment, and in March, they were given an entertaining movie, Black Panther, to keep themselves busy with. Black Panther came out and was well received by Nigerians. The talk on everybody's lips became Wakanda Forever. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatspp statuses were all Wakanda Forever. Even kids were saying Wakanda Forever.

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In that month too, a new dance, Shaku Shaku, was introduced into Nigeria. Everybody started to learn how to dance Shaku Shaku, and it dominated every party and event. Only me, Nelson, was the only one who couldn't learn Shaku Shaku. And it still pains me.

4 - APRIL >>> BBNAIJA FINALE, Lazy Nigerian Youths, and AVENGERS <<<

Miracle - Winner of Bbnaija 3rd Edition 

Last month, April, was filled up with numerous Trends. First, the President, Buhari, released a statement that all Nigerian youths are lazy, and this stung many individuals, including me, like bee. It soon became the talk on everyone's lips again. It also started dominating the social media.
Soon, attentions were turned away from there as everybody switched their attentions to the Bbnaija grand Finale. The news that Miracle won the edition sent everybody into frenzy, excluding me. Everybody soon became 'Team Miracle'. It dominated for a while.
Soon after, another exciting movie, Avengers, was released and it captivated everybody. It also started to dominate Facebook and Whatspp statuses. That would eventually phase out as another big trends landed in May.


Davido and Chioma 

The current month we're in has been faced with two huge Trends.

First, some weeks ago, news surfaced that popular musician, Davido, has bought a #45,000,000 Porche car for his girlfriend, Chioma. This news was widely received by Nigerians. And since then, discussions have been centered on buying a Porche for your girlfriend. Many girls started looking at their boyfriends to also buy Porches for them.

A friend of mine, who whenever I joke with now, would always tell me to go and buy a Porche for my girlfriend, where I can barely afford to buy a bicycle for myself and sometimes even struggle to subscribe, not to mention buying Porche.
Another of my friends would always ask me if it is not my mates that are buying Porches for their girlfriends. See me and buying Porche ni.

Later on, another big trend landed. Two weeks ago, the IGP of Nigerian police delivered a speech, and that became the talk of the town again.
The speech went like this, "
“I mean, transmission, I mean effort, that the transmission cooperation to transmission, I mean transmission to have effect, ehm, apprehend, I mean, apprehensive towards the recommendation, recommended formation effective and effect, I mean, apprehensive at the transmission of…and transmission and transmission for the effective in the police commission".

Everywhere you go now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatspp is Transmission Transmission. It is gradually taking over for Assurance.

What do you think would Trend again in June?

Get involved now through the comment section below.

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STRANGE!! A Student Of 'Unizik, Awka' Kills A Huge Snake In The Toilet In His Room

The world we're living in is really mysterious. Many weird things tend to happen steadily in our surroundings. But not many can match this incident that happened recently in Charity Lodge, in Ifite, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra state. Of all the events and incidents I've been invited to document, this is the biggest I've seen.

A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka 'Unizik', pictured above (Didn't want his face shown) whose name was reported to be Alex Chukwuka, A final year student in the department of Accountancy in the University, met the most shocking incident that he would probably ever see in his entire life. And he will surely be thanking his stars on how lucky he was.

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On the 18th day of April 2018, Alex miraculously woke up from his siesta, just after about an hour he had actually gone to sleep. The reason why he got up in such a short time, he didn't know.
Alex said, "When I opened my eyes, I was really disappointed, because I really needed to sleep after I had studied all night long for my ongoing exams. I tried forcing myself back to sleep repeatedly, but I couldn't".

So, after some time, Alex got up from his bed and sat in the chair in his room to continue his reading (which is what final year student mostly do). Alex reported, "After about 15 minutes I started reading, I started hearing buzzes. I looked around my room to know where it was coming from, but I found nothing". Now, Alex went back to his reading.

After some time again, the buzzing came up again, Alex got up again and now went outside his room to see if the buzzing was coming in from outside or his neighbor's room, who was always making use of noise-making instruments. Alex said, "I went outside and saw nothing again". Alex now went back to his room and continued reading.

Soon, the buzzing came up again, now persistently. Alex then knew it had become serious. He stopped reading, and looked around carefully to observe where the buzzing was coming from. He then noticed it was coming out from the direction of his toilet. Alex said, "I now got up and started going to the toilet". He continued, "When I entered the toilet, I looked around and again saw nothing. When I now turned to go, I discovered that the buzzing was coming from inside my Water Closet!! God !! I got scared", he exclaimed. "What could it be?" he thought.

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He continued, "I summoned some courage and opened it up, and BEHOLD!! I saw a huge cobra trying to force its way out of the pipe in the Water Closet!". He added, "I felt like running in frenzy, but I controlled myself, I'm a man". Alex now calmly went out and and notified his neighbors, and all of them then trooped into his room. Many were scared to go into the toilet.
As they were busy fearing, Alex courageously got a hard stick and opened the Water Closet again. He tried killing the big snake in there, all to no avail. He came up with the idea of breaking the Water Closet. At this, many people ran out, as they thought the snake would come out and bite them.

Alex, now with the stick, broke the Water Closet, and a very huge cobra came out sluggishly. Alex hit it repeatedly, got a machete and cut it severally. Alex added, "This snake had been here feeding on my faeces. It was just too big". They even had time to take some pictures. They are below:

Alex's God is really alive. What if it happened the other way round? What if Alex was passing stool and the snake came out and did what only God knows to him? How lucky he was.

But a case came up, which is currently being handled. The landlord said that Alex would pay for the Water Closet he broke to kill the snake.
Is this right? What do you think?

Share your thoughts with us through the comments section below.

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Why The Psquare Brothers Should Get Back Together, and Fast!!

The Psquare Brothers (Paul and Peter Okoye) have really made a name for themselves in the music industry. Since they started recording and producing songs in the year 2005, they have really achieved the unimaginable from the music industry.

 These twin brothers have made and released so many albums containing stunning hits upon stunning hits. Several of their hit songs, like Alingo, Personally, I love U, Temptation, E no Easy, Away, and many others, have gained massive recognition and have all been well received and enjoyed both locally and internationally.

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They never ceased to wow their huge followers and audience with their soul-captivating  voice, singing style, and their exciting dancing skills, always on full display in their top quality music videos.

The Okoye brothers have gained fame and prominence through their numerous fans and followers in and around Nigeria. Their standard has risen to a level of them featuring some global music superstars. Psquare have recorded songs along with the likes of ; Rick Ross, T. I, Akon, Awilo Logomba, Diamond platnumz, Bryan Scott, etc. They have also released songs alongside some Nigerian superstar musicians, like Phyno, 2face, MayD, Timaya, etc.

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Before their popular split in 2017, P-square were regarded as the Richest singers in the whole of Africa. And there was no doubting that, as they also made unprecedented wealth from music, owning highly expensive assets. P-square truly were superstars.

 But in life, anything good always has something bad about it. The bad thing about P-square is their splitting cases. Before this recent high profile split, they had separated before, only to be reconciled by their mother, who is late now. She made concerted effort to see that the brothers were in peace, along with their eldest brother, Jude.
This latest split has been the biggest one we've seen. It has been so huge that there's barely anybody that does not know about it.

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No one really knows the real cause of this particular split as many blogs have published different news, which might all be mere rumors. But the only thing certain is that we miss their songs. Even though they are still producing songs now, separately, nobody is enjoying them as we were enjoying them when they were together. And this is affecting them in one way or the other, though they might not know.

Now, there are reasons why these brothers should get back together, and immediately.

Why P-square Should Get Back Together, and Fast! 

1 - People May Stop Liking Their Songs. 
    The brothers are still producing songs, but separately now. People are complaining about their songs now, unlike before. And this is simply because they are no longer enjoying their songs like before.
And if they continue like this, people might completely stop liking their songs.

2 - Peter's Music Career Risks Fading Away. 
    Peter is undoubtedly talented, but obviously in dancing, not singing. He has produced songs like,'Cool it down', 'For my Head', 'My Way', which some people, like me, hate listening to, as he is always trying very hard to imitate foreigners, which is not going down well with his fans and followers.
And if it continues, his music career risk fading away.

3 - They Will Risk Losing Their Followers. 
    Yes, if they don't come back together soon enough, their followers might ditch them and follow others, which is what I'm about to do, and they will  certainly be on the losing side.

4 - Big Companies Might Stop Endorsing Them. 
   In recent years, P-square have signed big endorsement deals with big companies, like Pepsi, Glo, Adidas, Olympic milk etc, worth millions. If they don't come back together soon enough, they'll risk losing their big deals with these companies to other single established music stars

5 - Finally, It'll Be A Shame To Their Family. 
    Yes! The Okoye brothers are not just Ordinary siblings, but twins. If they keep quarreling, it'll be a shameful thing that twins cannot work together. They hustled their way to the Top from the scratch, when the time came for them to stick together and enjoy, they now started quarreling.

So, they should better be fast in reconciling.

How else Do You Think Their Split will Affect them??

Get involved through the comment section below.

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