Ladies!! How To Avoid Falling Into The Traps of Ritualists Now

Nigeria is a country where all sorts of crimes never cease to arise. And currently, we're having to contend with one which is currently leaving us on our toes, especially the girls now.

Money rituals, otherwise called Yahoo Plus, is what we're currently facing now. And this is all due to how desperate many people, mostly youths, have gotten to get money, and also for the fact that Election is just around the corner.

Before now, Money ritual used to be a hidden phenomenon. You could hardly see or even hear of it. But now, it is turning into the order of the day. No one wants to suffer again to get money. Everybody is now on a quest to get quick money.

Currently, the type of money rituals we're facing mostly involves girls and women. Many ladies are now being killed and used in one way or the other for rituals. Just this week, a man was caught and arrested in Badagry, Lagos, for killing an innocent woman, and cutting several parts of her body for reasons best known to him.

 The worst and the most disturbing of all is the news on what has been presently happening in many parts of the country. Girls are now being robbed, not of their phones or purses anymore, but their panties. There have been so many reported cases of this incident lately, especially in Delta, Imo state and Aba.

Reports have it that unknown men (certainly Ritualists) have promised that  anyone who brings them women's panties would be given a huge sum of money (#500,000 and 1 million naira for the panties of ladies on their periods).
No matter how awkward this might sound to you, this is what is presently happening. And it has put the girls in danger. This recently happened in Delta State University.

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So,KELLSTV brings to you all you need to do to avoid falling prey for these evil men.

1 - Avoid Walking at Isolated Places Alo ne, Especially at Night

These evil men mostly operate at night, and they usually ambush people walking at isolated places. So, with this in mind, avoid these isolated places, to avoid falling a victim.

2 - Be Mindful of People You Associate With Now

Don't just roll with anybody you see these days. Be extremely selective with people you associate with. If someone you don't know comes and asks you to escort him to an unknown place, be it in school or any other place, disappear immediately.
Also, if an unknown person offers to give you a lift now, turn it down. Better for you to trek and stay alive.

3 - Be Careful How You Take Calls Now

Some of these evil men are operating with phones. They could somehow get your number, call you with charms, and tell you to meet them at some spot, from where they could get you. So, be careful how you take calls from unknown numbers.
And also, if someone unknown calls you and starts saying unnecessary things, hang up immediately.

4 - Keep Your Undies Out of Sight

As you've seen earlier, panties are now being stolen in high rates today. So, whenever you wash your undie, spread it within your sight, or someone would steal it and render you useless or even kill you. Don't spread your undies under the sun again. Better to be too save and secure.

5 - Stay at a Place

The days are too bad. Now is not the best time for you to be roaming about from place to place every now and then. This could make you fall a victim. Stay at a place and be safe.

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This Is Why Modric Won the Ballon D'Or Ahead of CR7 and Messi

On December 3, 2018, Luca Modric rounded off a very wonderful year by scooping the Ballon D'Or 2018 award. This came after he had already taken the FIFA and UEFA best player awards. He became the first player since Kaka in 2007 to win the Ballon D'Or ahead of them formidable Ronaldo and Messi, who had shared the award equally for the last decade.

Modric fully deserves all he has gotten this year after another highly brilliant season, which he described as the best of his illustrious career. But still, it comes as a surprise to many at how Modric could have pipped Ronaldo and Messi to the award.

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So, KELLSTV takes a look at why pulled off such great feat.

             Why Modric Won The Ballon D'Or 

Now, the main reason why Luca Modric won the Ballon D'Or 2018 was because of his performances at the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. Over the years, the Champions League and the World Cup have become the Chief deciders of who wins the Ballon D'Or. And clearly, Modric wss absolutely scintillating at both last season from start to finish, playing consistently over the course of the season.

This is crystal clear for all to see if you take some time to assess the performances of Modric's beaten competitors: Ronaldo, Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Antoine Griezmann. These players had thoroughly brilliant seasons for their different clubs and countries. They all performed at a very high level, to be nominated in the first place, but just didn't do enough to scoop the prize ahead of the very brilliant Modric. Ronaldo scored many goals in La Liga, was the top scorer in the UCL for the fourth straight season, and scored 4 goals at the World Cup. Messi was the top scorer in Europe last season, helping himself with some 45 goals across the season. Mbappe also scored lots of goals for PSG and France in the World Cup, with Griezmann also delivering similar performance for Atleti and France.
But despite all these, Modric was still some steps ahead of them.

After his absolutely stunning and consistent Champions League, where he delivered some eye catching individual displays, he went to Russia and almost single-handedly took Croatia all the way to the World Cup final, helping them with some goals, showing some breathtaking displays, and all these while playing in midfield.

This is not to say that either Ronaldo or Messi flopped at the
World Cup, but they just couldn't carry their respective countries to the level expected of them. But with Modric in the team, Croatia achieved an unimaginable feat of reaching the World Cup final, even though they lost to France. It was still a great feat though.

Modric was fully deserving of his accolade.

What's your take on Modric winning the Ballon D'Or?
Drop your comments through the comment section below.

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Top 5 Reasons Why More Youths Die Today Than Ever

Death has undoubtedly been one of the most inevitable phenomenons in our world. It never ceases to occur. And it is currently our worst enemy, as absolutely nothing can be done to prevent it.

Death affects everybody, both young and old. But lately, according to observations, it appears more more youths are dying these days than ever before. It has almost gotten to a point where more youths actually die than aged ones.

According to a recent report, over 3000 youths die every day, resulting to 1.2 million deaths in a year around the world, from some highly preventable causes. And this is Undoubted.
If you take a look around you today, most people dying are mainly in their 20s or 30s or even less. The young ones die a lot today, especially the young boys. And if you were to research the reasons for their deaths, you'd find out most of them brought these calamities upon themselves.
Some of these youths engage in risky and harmful activities which end up harming their lives. Others die due to certain conditions that could have been controlled by them or people around them.

So, in light of this, KELLSTV takes a look at certain reasons why more youths die today than ever.

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       Reasons For Youth Deaths Today

1 - Quest For Money

This has been cited as the number one reason why more youths die today. So many young men around today are so much in love with money, and are ready to do anything to get it. Due to this, they engage in risky acts, like stealing, cyber thefts, and other dangerous activities. And many of them end up getting shot by security agents or their members, while many languishing in jail end up dying there. They end up paying with their lives.
I've witnessed more youth deaths like this than I can count.

2 - Road Accidents 

Accidents have taken, and are still currently taking the lives of more youths than you can possibly think off today. Many youths are dying today as a result of reckless driving of cars or riding of bikes. Just last month, I witnessed the death of 3 youths, who were involved in accidents as a result of reckless of bikes. And sadly, it continues.

Other forms of road accidents have killed a great number of youths in recent times.  Another huge reason.

3 - Involvement in Cultism

We're now living in a world where cultism has become a common thing in our societies. Many youths are now getting into cultism as a means of security or authority. These cultists often engage in bloody wars which cost lives.

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The last cult war in my town took the lives of 10 youths. And it's sad that this continues to happen. This takes the lives of hundreds of youths yearly, and is one of the biggest causes of youths death today.

4 - Alcohol Usage

Up to 70% of youths today have resorted to taking alcohols as a means of thrilling and entertaining themselves in bars and parties. And some of them end up getting drunk. And after that, some still drive cars or ride bikes. Drunk driving has been cited as the reason for many accidents today involving youths.

Also, when some are drunk, they engage in bloody and nasty violence, with some ending up losing their lives.
5 - Negligence 

Many youths today often neglect the things that matter a lot, and it costs some their lives. Reports have it that so many youths dying today from certain ailments and diseases is as a result of their Negligence towards the ailment.

A lot of youths neglect some sicknesses they develop or diseases they contract from schools or other public places, and they end up taking their lives. I once lost a young relative because of this.

So, as a youth, if you notice any disease of sickness in your body, don't hesitate to reveal to someone who would help you.

These are the top 5 causes of youths deaths.
It's a very sad situation to see someone who's just about to start living a life lose it.

Apart from these 5, are there other causes of youth deaths you know? Drop your comments through the comment section below.

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An Unknown Deadly Disease Breaks Out in Parts of Edo State, Nigeria

Over the years, Nigeria has faced some serious disease breakouts. In 2014, a very deadly disease, called Ebola, broke out and killed a big number of people.

Soon in 2016, Lassa fever broke out, and was responsible for numerous deaths in parts of Nigeria. And these breakouts have not ceased to occur.

Recently, a really deadly disease has broken out in parts of Edo state, and is currently taking the lives of many.

So, in light of this disease breakout, KELLSTV brings to you everything you need to know about this deadly disease.


  Many  cases of  death  have  been recorded  for an ailment called for now haemorrhagic  fever mainly in Uhubhonde, Igieduma, uhi and ugieghudu, Many  of  the  victims  have experienced the  following symptoms: *Pain in the  muscles,  abdomen  or joints, Vomiting, Dark stool, Diarrhoea, Fever, Chills, Low  blood pressure, Headache, Nosebleed, Eye redness, and Internal  bleeding.* 

Medical  personnel  who  are  closely  monitoring  the  situation  say that  at  this point  they do  not  know the specific  viral  infection that  is  responsible  for  the  multiple  casualties.  They  have  sent samples  to  the  World  Health  Organization (WHO),  and   expect  a  reply  soon.  However,  in  order  to  protect  yourselves, they  are providing the  following advice: 

1. Always  perform  good  hand  hygiene,  including  regular  hand  washing  with  soap.  This  is  especially  important before eating and after using the toilet. After coming home from anywhere being it meeting,work or school

2. Prepare  your own  food  rather than  buy  cooked food from  outside or eating someone's food.

3. As much as possible, avoid  shaking  hands and hugging because it is so easily contactable.  And  do  not  be  offended  if  others  decline  to  shake  your hand. 

4. Avoid large crowds, public transportations and funerals as much as possible especially funerals where the dead died after a very brief unexplained illness. 
The WHO personnel who has been investigating the outbreak confirmed the following:

1. At first when they started receiving reports of cases, they felt it was lassa fever. But all test always tested negative to lassa fever. So the person just end up dying. Such death is very fast within 3 days of infection. 

2. That in the last few days at their research lab in UCH Ibadan (and here is some good news), they have been able to know that what is common to all the cases tested is yellow fever, which indicates that it might actually be a form of yellow fever outbreak. While this is still being confirmed, it is advisable that if anyone can get the yellow fever vaccine, they should take it immediately. 

So please be safe, practice simple but effective hygiene such as hand washing, use of sanitizers and wipes as frequently as possible, avoiding hand shakes, hugs and crowds. 
Please inform others at home. Be safe

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The Story of Derico Nwamama: The Most Notorious Criminal Ever Seen in Igboland

Nigeria has had her fair share of notable armed robbers like Dr Ishola Oyenusi and Abiodun Egunjobi who terrorised the entire South-west. Lawrence Anini who dealt with the entire South-South.

And Here Is the Story of Derico Nwamama who held the Entire South-East to a stand-still (Especially Anambra State). His real name is Okwudili Ndiwe A.K.A Derico Nwamama!
Derico started out as a Street Urchin in Onitsha, then graduated to a pickpocket, and then to a dreaded Criminal whose mere mention of his name sent shivers down the spines of every single human being in the entire South East part of Nigeria.


Indeed, long before Derico became famous for his Exploits in the City of Onitsha, The entire Anambra State was under the control of another Ruthless, Merciless and Cold Blooded Armed Robber known as Chiejina...
Under the Reign of Chiejina and his gang, all residents of Onitsha were living in fear. In fact, a Policeman once told me a horrifying story about Chiejina.

He said that on 16th of February 1999, two days after valentine celebration, Chiejina, acting on a tip-off besieged a family in Onitsha hoping to get money from the man of the house, but unfortunately, the man didn’t come home with money, he had gone to the bank before going home.
Chiejina became so enraged that he grabbed the man’s 4months old son, threatened to throw the baby from a 3 storey building, and when the man and his wife weren’t forthcoming with his demands, he flung the baby from 3 storey building and shot the man twice in the head!
In fact, Reports have it that he forced families to have incest in front of him for his own amusement. He forced Fathers to sleep with their daughters and Mothers to sleep with their sons, Refusal meant death!
Derico and Chiejina were very good friends at that time and also colleagues in the Armed Robbery Business, a friendship that started during the famous Umuleri/Aguleri War... But Derico was not based in Onitsha then, he was based in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory and only visited the east from time to time to carry out his robbery operations with maximum terror.

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And after raining a torrent of bullets and gunfire upon the hapless and ill-equipped officers of the Nigerian Police and defenceless Nigerians, he would speed back to his safe haven, with his loot, safe on the laps of power, luxury and comfort.
But according to reports, wahala started in November 1999, when the then Obi Of Onitsha, HRH Obi Ofala Okagbue rallied Onitsha-Ado Youths to help curb the ever rising Crime in the City to enable indigenes who ran away to return for the Christmas Celebration of that year...
Ado youths then sat together with some of the notorious armed robbers to know how to settle them and have peace return to the City of Onitsha...
Chiejina and Derico were present in the meeting!
But after the meeting, the deadly Chiejina refused to stand down, in fact, he attacked some members of the Ado Youth and became even more ruthless in the entire State!
Ado Youths sought the help of his bosom friend, Derico but it didn’t yield much fruit, so they decided to give him a taste of his own medicine!

They liaised with Derico and some special Police Officers to raid Chiejina and his gang. The Operation was not totally successful because Chiejina was not present at the time but members of his gang were rounded up and sent to The Central Police Station, Onitsha.

When Chiejina learnt what happened, he felt betrayed by his bosom friend, Derico, and without thinking about the consequences, called on his right-hand man who also doubled as his bike man, Amobi, to take him straight to Derico’s parent’s house.
On getting there, he met Derico’s father and decorated the man with lots of bullets!!!
Derico heard about it and set out for revenge immediately, he ran into Chiejina close to Emmanuel Church at Ugwunokpamba road, Onitsha and pumped in lots of bullets into the Great Chiejina, and the Iroko of the Underworld fell into a gutter...
Derico then put Chiejina into a wheelbarrow and wheeled him to the Police Station at Isiokwe, Onitsha.

An unconfirmed report claimed that Chiejina didn’t die on the spot, that while in the wheelbarrow, he begged Derico to kill him and not take him to the Police Station alive. Derico then obliged him and pumped in one final shot to end the evil reign of one of Nigeria’s meanest Criminals!
On getting to the Police Station, Officers were dancing and celebrating, they lifted Derico up as their Hero and celebrated him as the King of the Town.
Little did they know that they just crowned a more wicked soul, the King and Protector of Onitsha!
After the death of Chiejina, Derico became the undisputed Emperor of Terror in the Land. The Entire Anambra State was in the soup and the environs will not be spared too!
At some point, Derico used the town of Umuleri as his hideout.
Then from there, he would issue threatening messages to the police that they will pay for killing members of his gang.
He also maintained bases in other towns like Agbor, Benin and Asaba.

Indeed, the traders in Onitsha could not display their wares with peace while many slept with one eye open. Derico sacked commercial banks in Onitsha, carting away millions of naira. Travellers who had to pass through the state held their breath expecting the hoodlum to strike at any time.
The then Governor of the state, Chinwoke Mbadinuju, became an old man over night with worries on how to handle the menace of Derico.
He was described as the personification of terror. From Nnewi to Nkpor, down to Onitsha, up to Asaba, from the villages in Umuleri to towns in Ihiala, the old and the young, Men, women and Children were terrified at the mere whisper of Derico Nwamama.
He took over people’s Lands, Businesses, Wives and all his members including members of his family got away with anything because they were related to him!
At that time, he was said to be invisible and could not be arrested.

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According to reports, Derico Nwamama killed over 200 people including 25 police officers whose lives he mercilessly wasted. He was a master of countless bus robberies and will not blink twice before pumping his hot lead bullets into the beating hearts of helpless victims.
And after his successful raids, he would boast and declare himself invincible. Derico seemed to have placed a lot of faith and confidence in the charms prepared for him by the traditional witch doctors.
Indeed, Governor Mbadinuju was not the only one worried about the reign of terror perpetrated by Derico Nwamama as even President Olusegun Obasanjo was enraged that the criminal was left to unleash terror in a part of Nigeria.
The police were helpless and had lost many men to the dreaded bandit and seemed at wits end on what to do to bring him and his gang to book. In May 2001, the Anambra State Police Command launched the Operation Derico, which was aimed at capturing Derico and his gang members at all cost.
The police managed to arrest some of Derico's men but he was still elusive as he kept operating with reckless abandon, robbing, killing and kidnapping innocent Nigerians.


In December 2000, Derico and his gang committed the worst crime known to man till date!
They attacked a 59-seater-Luxurious Bus filled to the brim at the Popular Upper Iweka. The bus was about to leave for Lagos.

After robbing every single person in the bus, they decided to kill everybody on board! Including women and children, and mercilessly, the devil himself (Derico) gave the orders and his men shot all the passengers, execution style and left them for dead! (Only 4 people survived the ordeal)!
After that horrible incident, the then Governor of Anambra State, Chinwoke Mbadinuju didn’t have any other choice but to bring in the Dreaded Bakassi Boys to help save the State.
Bakassi Boys in Action.

On Tuesday, July 3, 2001, (If this date is your birthday, then u deserve one bottle of whatever your brand plus one plate of Nkwobi because that was the day Onitsha, and indeed Anambra State was liberated)!

On the 3rd of July, 2001, Derico was on a bus going from Agbor to Onitsha, on getting to the Onitsha axis of the Bridge Head, The Dreaded Bakassi Boys stopped the bus.
Sensing danger, The Crime Lord Jumped the Window to run away, but before he could make the first after jumping out, the nearest Bakassi member on the scene chopped off his left ear and that was how Derico was captured.

And For a man who thought he was above the law and could not be captured, it was funny how he started crying and pleading for his life. He was taken to Borromeo Hospital for treatment cos he was bleeding profusely.
When news of his capture broke, ever single human being in Anambra State celebrated as if it was the second coming of Christ!
Indeed, Derico met his end in an awful manner. Before then, the Bakassi Boys had developed a terrible and blood-chilling reputation for dealing with suspects and Derico's days were surely numbered from when he was caught.

On the 9th of July 2001, six days after Derico was captured at the Niger Bridge, the Bakassi Boys did to him what many had earlier predicted. Chanting war songs, they drove in their convoy around the town and ended at the Ochanja Market Junction along the popular Upper Iweka Road in Onitsha.

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As their buses came to a halt, shouts of excitement and expectation rented the air. Many knew the fate that would befall Derico, so they all trooped to the spot to witness the final judgment on him.
Derico was dragged out from the bus, looking gaunt and severely beaten, a trademark of the vigilante group. His body bore cuts and gashes, a testament to what he must have gone through in their hands. He must also have known that the day of reckoning has come.
He was in obvious pains but no one seemed to care. Still chanting war songs and egged on by the enchanted crowd, one of the commanders of the Bakassi Boys named Okpompi, addressed the crowd, telling them they were in the state not for politics but to fight crime.

He handed over the microphone to the now trembling Derico who, like a coward, began begging for his life to be spared. He made feeble attempts at declaring his innocence:
“My name is Oddy, alias Derico, alias Nwa Mama. I appeal to you the people of Anambra State, please don’t kill me, I don’t like evil. It was when I killed Chiejina that people thought I am a strong guy, you know.
I trust Bakassi Boys. They are strong. Please, mercy for me. Nobody can identify me as having robbed him. People just believe that I am a strong guy.”

He confessed that while he was on the run, he was sheltered by a member of the National Assembly in Abuja. He also confessed that he had two other powerful protectors, one being a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly while the other was the chairman of a local government council.
What was to follow remains one of the most macabre displays of public executions in Nigeria. With the speed of a guillotine, a cutlass handled in the strong arm of one of the Bakassi Boys flew and came down with an unforgiving thud, landing on Derico’s slim neck. In a flash, Derico was beheaded.

His severed head rolled on the floor before the crowd while his convulsing body collapsed on the ground, with bright-red blood gushing from his carotid arteries. It was as if a sacrifice to the gods had just taken place.
The crowd was satisfied and as far as the Bakassi Boys were concerned, that was a clear lesson and message to any criminal bent on making life miserable for the Anambrarians.
With the lifeless remains of Derico still lying on the floor, the people erupted in jubilation, patting one another on the backs and exchanging mutual congratulations after a monstrously grotesque show of iron and blood. That was not the end.
Razor-sharp machetes flew from different directions and chopped his pitiful remains into sizable chunks. Derico’s mangled remains were heaped up, properly rinsed with fuel and set on fire.
Derico Burnt to Ashes.


How does this story make you feel? Drop yours comments through the comments section blow.

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The Serious Dangers of Drinking Chilled Water

We all love to drink chilled water, especially when we eat, right? Yeah, very well.

It feels so good to grab a cup or sachet of a chilled water, especially in these sunny days. But really, have you ever taken some time to imagine what damage it could do to your body? 

I was almost addicted to taking chilled water, especially when I eat, and it was bringing me a great deal of satisfaction. But since I got this information I'm about to share with you, on what chilled water does to the body, i've
 been fighting a battle to quit it, and it would do you good if you did the same.

Taking chilled water is really bad for the health. As the saying goes, sweet things things tend to kill the most.

             What Chilled Water Really Does To You

1 - Taking chilled water while eating creates  'Mucus' in excess. This then decreases your immune system functioning, thereby making it very easy for you to catch cold and get other sicknesses. This could be the reason why you always feel feverish.

2 - Chilled water drains your energy. When you take a chilled water, you'll really feel refreshed and seem to regain strength, but that's for short while. 

Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Quarrels Ever Seen in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country which boasts a great number of thrilling and hugely successful individuals and celebrities, who have prospered in different career paths over the years.

The music industry and Nollywood have mainly produced a large number of celebrities in recent times.

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Now, over the years, these celebrities have not ceased to cause stirs and controversies, with many of them getting engaged in quarrels and beefs, which have always involved splits, exchange of words, social media rants, and even physical fights.

So, below, KELLSTV takes a look at some celebrities quarrels and beefs which have taken place in recent times in Nigeria.

   Biggest Celebrity Quarrels Ever in Nigeria 

1 - Davido and Wizkid 

Davido and Wizkid are no doubt 2 of the best musicians in Nigeria currently. These two have really made a name for themselves in the Music industry, and are widely regarded in and around Nigeria.

But over the years, these two men have failed to get along with each other smoothly. You could barely see them featuring each other in a song. And this has been going on since they rose to prominence. No one really knows the cause of this beef.
But they actually starred together in Davido’s blockbuster concert in December 2017. We were all expecting them to release a track afterwards, which never happened.

2 - Olamide and Don Jazzy 

Olamide and Don Jazzy were involved in a heated quarrel a few years ago. The real cause of this beef was the final result of the 2014 headies award. The prize was scooped by Reekado Banks, which didn't go down well with Olamide, as he was eagerly expecting Lil Kesh to take the prize. He left the stage angrily, and eventually released a rant against Don Jazzy, with the Mavin boss biting back.

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They were later reconciled by Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote.

3 - Wizkid and Linda Ikeji 

Wizkid is a celebrity who has a huge tendency of getting into quarrels and beefs. Wizkid and Nigerian billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji, were involved in a heated quarrel some years back. The cause of this quarrel was because of a blog post Linda Ikeji published against Wizkid. Wizkid responded by saying that Linda Ikeji just wanted to use him and gain prominence and fame, and that didn't go down well with Linda Ikeji either.

This beef has not actually been settled till now, as none of them cared to do so.

4 - Phyno and Hushpuppi 

In 2017, a billionaire, nicknamed Ray Hushpuppi, came out of nowhere and started attacking some Nigerian superstar musicians, like Ice Prince, Timaya, Kcee, calling them fake. But the biggest of them was his quarrel with Phyno fino. These two exchanged words, with Phyno even threatening Hushpuppi.

This particular beef became a trend in mid 2017

5 - Wizkid and Banky W 

Not too long ago, superstar musicians, Wizkid and Banky W, were partners. Banky established a record label, EME, and signed the youngster Wizkid into it. Together, they produced some top quality songs.
But soon after, they had a beef and split up, with Wizkid going on to achieve a superstar status, and EME folding up.

6 - The Psquare Brothers 

The Psquare Brothers are an all-time musicians. They formed the Psquare music in 2005, and have since gone on to achieve unprecedented success in the Music industry. Their songs were being enjoyed not just in Nigeria, but in and around Africa.

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But over the years, quarreling and splitting have become a persistent issue for them. Their most recent split in 2017 is regarded as the biggest celebrity quarrel of all time.

7 - Don Jazzy and D banj

Two of the biggest names in the Nigerian music industry, Don Jazzy and D banj, were formerly partners. Their relationship was a very wonderful one as together, they recorded and produced some world class hits, like Oliver twist, Fall in love, Kimon, etc.

But as you know, good things don't always last, as these 2 superstars went their separate ways, which got many Nigerians pissed. This is also regarded as one of the biggest celebrity quarrels ever.

8 - Wizkid and Dami Krane 

A third appearance for Wizkid in this list. Wizkid and Dami got into a huge beef few years ago. The real cause of this beef was not really known, but it was very hot.
They were even involved in a much heated fight in a bar, where Wizkid used a wine glass to break Dami Krane's head. Another huge quarrel.

9 - Tonto Dikeh and Churchill 

Tonto Dikeh, one of Nigeria's best actresses, was married to a Nigerian millionaire, named Churchill. At the start of the Marriage, Churchill showered Tonto Dikeh with expensive gifts, like Lexus 570, an iPhone 7, etc.

 But soon, everything turned sour. A big quarrel, and eventually fight came up between the duo. A video clip was even leaked online, where Tonto Dikeh was attacking Churchill in his house, destroying some of his properties. They later separated and haven't gotten back together since then.

10 - Rita Dominic and Jim Iyke 

These two good people are undoubtedly 2 of the best nollywood actors. They have starred in so many movies together, where they have been engaged in romance.

Jim Iyke once released a statement stating that he and Rita Dominic planned to marry each other. But everything fell through due to certain circumstances that were out of their control.

Are there other quarrels and beefs you know? Do you have anything to say about all these quarrels? Get involved now. Leave your comments on the comments section below.

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Why Ronaldo Can Be Considered The Greatest of all Time, not Messi

Ronaldo and Messi have been the best players on earth for the best part of the last decade. They have really dominated the football world for years now, and are not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

They have shared the last 10 Ballon d'ors equally among themselves, and had it not been for Modric's exploit, they would still have no competitor for the title later this year. They have been the true definition of consistency.

These two have virtually won everything in football, and continue to produce moments of magic for their clubs and countries.

But over the years, debates have been swirling on who is the greatest between the two of them. Many people have given their opinions on who the greatest is among the two superstars.

But below are some reasons why Ronaldo Can Be Considered to be slightly greater than Messi, and can be considered the GOAT.


1 - Ronaldo was moulded in a very small club Sporting Lisbon, from where he was signed by Manchester United in 2003.

Messi on the other hand, was moulded in a great club like Barcelona. But still, he finds himself competing against a Ronaldo moulded in Sporting Lisbon. This gives Ronaldo an edge over him.

2 - Ronaldo had been playing with less established players since he embraced the spotlight, like Nani, Fletcher, Carrick, etc,  before he joined Madrid, and he always flourished amongst them. Even the whole Portugal national team of average footballers.

Since Messi came under the spotlight, he's been playing with world-class footballers, like Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Alves, Rakitic, who have always helped him achieve greater heights. Would Messi have been the same player without Xavi and Iniesta? Quite unlikely.

3 - Time and again, Ronaldo has shown he's capable of adapting, whether to a new  coach, tactics or teammates. He has always flourished no matter the circumstance.

Meanwhile, Messi has often struggled to adapt under different managers and less established teammates, unlike Ronaldo. Take his Argentina form for example.
Argentina flopped at the world cup because coach Sampaoli just couldn't get the best out of Messi.

4 - Ronaldo has flourished under 7 different managers at Real Madrid, Portugal, and  Juventus, with Pelegrini, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Zidane, Benitez, Santos, and Allegri all seeing the best of Ronaldo.

Apart from Guardiola, some Barcelona and Argentina coaches have struggled to get the best out of Messi.

5 - Ronaldo has led his Country, Portugal, to an international title, Euro 2016.

But Messi has struggled to give Argentina any international title. He led them to 3 consecutive tournament finals; 2014 World Cup final, 2015 Copa America final, and 2016 Copa America final, but they lost all of them, while Messi was in the team. Pitiful

6 - Ronaldo won titles in England - where he was top scorer - won in Spain, and has also won Champions League titles in both England and Spain, and might likely win again in Italy. Whether it's Premier League, Champions League, Spanish, or Italian defences, Ronaldo has always breached them.

Messi on his part has always been in Barcelona, and the team has always been shaped to accommodate him, unlike Ronaldo. Messi's undoubted talents has only been harnessed in one team, Barcelona.

You can wonder if Messi could have done all he's done in another League, which reflects on the reasons he couldn't get the job done for Argentina. Ronaldo has always delivered.

Ronaldo, now in Juventus, a team well equipped to win Serie A, even if he wasn't there. Come the end of the season, Ronaldo could be the first player to have won titles in England, Spain, and Italy, and also one of the few players to have won the Champions League in 3 different clubs.

In  conclusion, Ronaldo has never failed to overcome a challenge, but Messi has crumbled at times.
But this is not to degrade Messi, a modern day genius.

Ronaldo is a legend, for the fact he's being compared to Messi's genius.

What's your own take on this debate?
Drop your comments through the comments section below.

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How To Avoid Getting Into Financial Instability/Crisis

Financial Instability or Crisis is a state or situation of being financially unstable or lacking money.

Now, this is one of the worst situations you'd ever find yourself in in your life. And it has become worse today since we're living in a world where almost everything revolves around money.

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This bad situation involves you having little or no money to take care of your needs or do the things you need to do that require money. The reason why so many people today are living an unhappy and miserable lives is down to being financially unstable. And this has pushed many into taking extreme measures, like cyber theft (Yahoo), armed robbery, prostitution, etc.

Financial Instability can almost reduce you to nothing. Imagine how you'd feel when you'd have no money to make any investments or purchase the things you need. You'd be totally drained of happiness, left in frustration, and put through hell.
You'd also be feeling inferior when your peers around you are getting the things they need, while you're just wishing you were them. A very tough situation It Is!!

So, given all these pains of Financial Crisis, KELLSTV takes a look at some things you need to do to avoid getting into this bad situation now and forever.


1 - Save Your Earnings 

Even if you're making a healthy salary, or getting enough allowance/pocket money from your parents, that doesn't mean your bank account is full, since it might cease to come one day.
 To achieve bank account stability, you need to put portions of your earnings or allowances away each month. Otherwise, the money will continue to disappear without giving you a chance to save any of it.

2 - Pay Off Your Debts 

Being in debt is like being in prison. You're a prisoner to the person you're indebted to. It's very easy to borrow, but hard to pay back.
And for you to attain any form of Financial Stability, you first need to pay off your debts, and start keeping your own money.

3 - Start Limiting Your Expenses 

You think you have some money, and so you're spending it accordingly. But in truth, you likely don't have the source to consume as you do. And maybe soon you'd exhaust the money, and live in penury.
Limit what you spend money on, and make more money than you spend. That's how you become financially stable 

4 - Pursue Your Studies Intently 

Researches have proved that University graduates make more money than secondary school graduates and the unschooled, since they have been exposed to many money making opportunities. Study hard and make a difference.

5 - Invest in Yourself 

Instead of hoping on investments to make you a fortune, you can fully invest in yourself. Improve your talents, take some training courses, develop a career path. Extend your skills and experience, it'd eventually prove invaluable to you.

6 - Reflect On Your Purchases 

You could be buying too big  too expensive things at the wrong time, and at the wrong time. This is the case for people who have things that continue to cost them money, like phones, video games, or people  wanting to own expensive shoes or clothes now forgetting the future, and people who buy on impulse.

You might be lacking always if you do these things. Master your finances by developing a budget and knowing how much you spend in a month. Keep track of your savings in a month.

8 - Forget Appearances 

If you are spending your money on unnecessary things, you're wholly on the wrong path. Trust me, you won't accumulate wealth by trying to impress your friends. What will make you rich are investments and possessions that will increase in value over time.

9 - Create A Company 

You're counting/hoping on being rich after you graduate by working for a company or government for 30 - 40 years? Or working in the same company for 40 years? My dear, think about an idea for a company you could create while still studying or while remaining employed, for some time, before developing your project to the point of success.

Do these things above, and enhance your chances of being financially stable eventually.

Your comments are fully welcome.

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Nigerians' Hilarious Responses To Lai Mohammed's Threat to Israel

Last month, pictures of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, surfaced the Internet, with news having it that he's currently in Israel. And since then, he's given two broadcasts.

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The news of his reemergence in Israel did not go down well with some people in the country. Some people have said some negative things about his reemergence, with the most notable one being the threat Nigeria's minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, issued to Israel. He made a threat that Nigeria would attack Israel if they did not depot Nnamdi Kanu.

 This caused a stir on Internet, and has sparked some hilarious responses from Nigerians on Twitter. These responses will make you laugh out loud.
             Below are some of them

What are your thoughts on this threat issued to Israel?
Drop your comments through the comments section below..

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